A Gorgeous Maternity Session in Pillnitz

A couple weeks ago I met Sophia (and her awesome sister who helped with the bubbles!) in the gorgeous area just outside the city of Dresden called Pillnitz, complete with the beautiful Pillnitz castle and gardens. We had 2 hours of fun and creativity. It was so amazing to see Sophia really bond with her baby during the session and just relax. It was a bit different from the sessions that I usually do with mamas to be, and I absolutely loved it. I love how she was the one who was suggesting the more creative ideas such as getting in the Elbe waters and splashing around. She was fearless and fierce with her ability to be 39 weeks pregnant and still climb trees, get in the cold water, and leap around with bubbles! Best wishes to you Sophia, and you new baby <3 

xo, Elyse

Amsterdam- A weekend adventure

Well hey everyone! It sure has been a while since I've used this thing, that's for sure. I hope to be more consistent now with blogging, as I have a lot of really exciting things going on around here that I would love to share with you! Most recently, I went to Amsterdam! I'm a member of the very amazing international photographer group called "Documentary Family Photographers" and I joined a group of them in Amsterdam in July for an intensive workshop on pricing. Wow, it sure kicked my butt, but it was so great to be around other amazing photographers and be able to finally meet some of them who I've only "known" online for a while! Also, my best friend was the one leading the workshop, so of course it was really great to spend some quality time with her.

We were only in Amsterdam for 2 nights, so just one full day, but we sure made the most of it. I wanted to share some of the images I took while exploring the streets and canals of Amsterdam. I totally fell in  love with this city! It's also a special place to me because my grandmother grew up just outside of Amsterdam, so it was great to experience the culture and the place that she comes from. I am definitely planning on going back for a much longer stay. And maybe next time I'll allow my boys to come with me ;-) 

xo, elyse