The placenta is this amazing organ that your body creates for you and your baby during pregnancy.  It acts as your body’s hormone factory throughout your pregnancy, regulating and producing a different variety of hormones including serotonin and oxytocin.  You see, during pregnancy the placenta takes over most of the hormone production in your body. This is great, except when your placenta is gone, those hormones take a dramatic dip and are practically non existent in your body. It takes a while for your brain to get back to regulating these hormones.  By ingesting your placenta, it is believed that you can replenish your body with the hormones that linger inside the placenta. The amazing thing is that the placenta’s hormonal make-up is unique to the mother.

How does your encapsulated placenta help you postpartum?

Balances your hormones during your postpartum time

Increases breast milk supply

Decreases postpartum bleeding time

Increases energy

Helps fight against baby blues and postpartum depression

Increases postpartum iron levels

Helps your uterus go back quickly to pre-pregnancy size

How much does this service cost:

-       Raw Method (washed off, dehydrated, blended and put in capsules) Encapsulated Placenta. Finished and ready with in the first 3 days postpartum…. 120€

-    Umbilical cord keepsake (umbilical cord is dehydrated in the shape of a heart)…. 25€

What others are saying about placenta encapsulation:

"It was my first time having a baby and knowing my character, I expected to have baby blues after delivery. Then I bump into Elyse's service on placenta encapsulation service and I read through about it but I was skeptical at first. Since the hospital does normally throw the placenta away, I decided to give it a try and I was very glad with the result. I did not have a baby blues and it also helped a lot in stopping the bleeding.
Elyse provided an excellent service with a reasonable price. She even came to hospital for placenta collection. I totally recommend everybody for her service." -Rita

"I had never heard of placenta encapsulation before Elyse suggested it to me. I looked into it more and decided its a great idea. I took the capsules everyday for around 2 months after the birth. Its hard to say but I think they helped shorten my recovery time and kept my energy at a normal level." -Racine