What is Birth Photography?

When people think of "birth photography", what usually comes to mind is not at all like what it actually is. I am not a medical photographer and I am especially not there to get in the way or invade your privacy. I am there to help make you feel comfortable and document all the moments and interactions that make up the amazing a beautiful experience of giving birth. Having a birth photographer there to document such an amazing event, allows the mother to relive the experience through the photographs and often times have a totally different perspective on what happened that day.

The purpose of birth photography is to capture moments, expressions, tears, smiles, love, fears, and the beauty of the entire process. Who was there? How did they react? How did you react? Did you cry or did you smile with delight? You only get one chance at capturing your new babies first moments: the first breath, the first cry, the first gaze at mom, the first reactions from siblings, the first time breastfeeding- all the first moments that make up inviting a new life into the world.

A natural pairing is my birth photography services along with my doula services! If you're interested in my doula + birth photography package, please let me know!

For information on pricing and packages available, please email me at Doula.Elyse@gmail.com.